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Culinary tour in Nativ Haasara

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Culinary tour in Nativ Haasara

Adi Rosen, a resident of Netiv Hatara, is a unique culinary entrepreneur. In 2018, she founded the business "Culinary Story", which offers culinary tours in and around the Gaza Envelope.

It was important for Adi to present all the good things in the area where she lives, despite the security challenges they have been experiencing since 2001.

The culinary tours of "Culinary Story" include plenty of diverse and satisfying foods, surprising places and exciting human encounters.

The culinary tour in Netiv Hatara takes about 3.5 hours, and is unique in that you enter the homes of local residents, hear their exciting stories and eat their signature dishes.


During the tour, you meet with several residents, among them:

  • A chef who cooked for the world's rich on huge yachts around the world, and returned to settle in the seat where she grew up.
  • A cook who prepares fresh handmade couscous in her home, and tells why she likes living there so much, despite the complexity.
  • A ceramicist who hosts visitors in her spectacular home museum.
  • A farmer, a former Heitkist in a very senior position who did a conversion with her husband to become farmers in the enrichment path.
  • Former deputy director of a hospital and director of the emergency system at Barzilai Hospital, who strongly believes in the medicine of the body and mind, cooks aromatherapy food and tells about its virtues and how to manage to maintain balance even in an emergency situation.

During the tour you taste a variety of delicious and surprising foods. The food is vegetarian and without kosher certificates. You can join the tours that are open to the general public or create a group of at least 20 participants (or 20 paying people, even if less)

*The locations may change on the day of the tour depending on the area.

(The culinary tour is satisfying and there is a partial substitute for vegans, gluten-free and lactose-free)


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