A culinary story

Recommended attractions in the area

Crane navigation events

Navigation games for groups

Highly recommended activity for groups!!! Agor Naviot Events specializes in producing training games, workshops for managers and activities for families, in nature and at tourist sites throughout the country. Our "playground" is in nature, in the most beautiful and interesting places or in city alleys that are usually hidden from view.
In the northern parts of the Negev, we navigate in the Dabira Forest, the Lahav Forest, the Bari Forest, the Kommiot Forest (near the Yoav Citadel), the Ashkelon National Park, and the Hashur National Park.
If you are looking to get to the south for a whole day then you are invited to start the day with some action in the great outdoors and then... you will surely arrive on the culinary story tour really hungry.
You are invited to visit the Facebook pageof crane navigation events​​​
or by phone: 054-4782002 (Encouragement)
or contact through the website

A visit to "Giller's farm"

Enrichment path

The visit to "Giler's Farm" combines a tour and a fascinating story about Zionism and agriculture in the shadow of a challenging security situation. During the visit you will taste goat cheeses that we prepare and you can also participate in a goat cheese making workshop that every participant will take.
For full details: 0543161709 Naama
[email protected]
Facebook: Giller's Farm

A tour of the Enlightenment Route

A tour of the Enlightenment Route

Moshav Netiv HaTara is located on the northern border of Gaza within the borders of the State of Israel. This seat has become a highly sought-after tourist destination and tens of thousands of tourists from Israel and the world come to it every year.
You are invited to hear how people really live here (you will be exposed to stories that will not be told in the media), you will get a surprising view of Gaza and the surrounding area and finally you will see the mosaic of the 'Path to Peace' wall (on which people from all over the world pasted a mosaic as a sign of hope for a better future).
You can upgrade the trip and paste the mosaics yourself.
I would be happy to link you to recommended guides from the Moshav.

Want to experience a private culinary tour just for you?

If you want to experience a private culinary tour with the employees or with family or friends 

(We also celebrate birthdays during the tour)

We will be happy to host you. We promise it will be perfect!

Private tours are intended for 10 people or more or for a minimum of 10 paying people, even if you are less.

Leave details and we will be happy to get back to you soon