A culinary story

A fun day for employees

A fun day for employees is an important event in the life of the working community and is an excellent opportunity to promote company building, a day of building and creating new relationships between employees. A culinary tour is an excellent idea to introduce a pleasant and special atmosphere to the employees' fun day and to offer a different and interesting activity. Preparation for a fun day in order to stimulate the employees' desire to form a company, can include a wide variety of [...]

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Want to experience a private culinary tour just for you?

If you want to experience a private culinary tour with the employees or with family or friends 

(We also celebrate birthdays during the tour)

We will be happy to host you. We promise it will be perfect!

Private tours are intended for 10 people or more or for a minimum of 10 paying people, even if you are less.

Leave details and we will be happy to get back to you soon