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Welcome to a culinary tour in Ashdod, the most corrupt in the south. This is a dessert tour in Ashdod, salty and everything in between. Experience a unique boutique tour. During this tour we will zoom in on the stories of the restaurateurs and entrepreneurs who made their dreams come true and sometimes made a complete transformation in their lives in order to work in one of the most dangerous fields in the world: the field of restaurants.

* We will find out how a Tamaniya farmer converted and became a pastry chef. She invented a pistachio croissant that caused all the hysteria in the land of pistachio crantz ice cream. Of course we will eat the pistachio croissant and understand what is the connection between her invention and the ice cream that drove the State of Israel crazy.

*We will meet a French entrepreneur who converted 180% to open a French gourmet boutique in the heart of Ashdod. We will eat there a French baguette that took several years to develop its recipe so that it would be a stamp like in France. Inside the baguette will be real French cheeses with fresh vegetables. Good luck to her.

* We will drink premium coffee from the best in the world, receive a fine gift and hear about the hidden and very surprising side of the coffee world

*We ate a unique sweet dessert that was invented in Ashdod and was copied all over the country

*Taste authentic Georgian khachapuri alongside a Georgian donut with a special pastry cream and hear an inspiring story about a fascinating entrepreneur.

*We will eat handmade gourmet ice cream, one of the best in Israel, by a 28-year-old pastry chef who already owns 3 branches and we will hear what his secret to success is

*The food may vary depending on the restaurants in the area. You will leave full and with excess sugar and joy in your body

The tour takes about two and a half to three hours.

The food on the tour is kosher with a kosher certificate.

The tour will be conducted by one of the excellent team of culinary story guides.

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