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Culinary tour in Netivot - when old and new combine

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Culinary tour in Netivot

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A culinary tour in Netivot was awarded the title of one of the TOP 5 recommended culinary tours in Israel by the Globes newspaper and we invite you to come and discover with us the secret of its success.

Here is another interesting fact:

Netivot was established in Mabara in 1956 and was considered the least developed town in the country, but today Netivot attracts young people from all over the country and is developing at a dizzying pace. According to a survey by the Madelan company, Netivot is the third most sought-after city in Israel to live in, and it is growing at a rate of 5% per year!

How did this positive migration happen? What attracts tens of thousands of people, secular and religious, to come to this city? We will discover the secrets of the city of Netivot in a surprising and exciting culinary tour.

On the culinary tour in Netivot we will taste Netivot from then until today as you never imagined. Through the culinary diversity between the authentic traditional food and the innovative food we will experience a winning combination.

Do you want to join a culinary tour in Netivot that will leave you with a taste for more?

So what's on the menu for the culinary tour in Netivot?

* Prixa in a place that has existed for 50 years

*Barika with a recipe that has existed for 47 years

* Authentic handmade couscous

*Tasting Asian food at the most successful place in Netivot in its field, we will be inspired by a business owner who will teach us how to build a kingdom and why it can't be built in one day?!

*Taste haute couture desserts that are mesmerizing in their beauty and especially delicious in one of the patisserie confectioneries that has garnered countless accolades and is considered one of the best in the country and we will hear the story of the inspiring pastry chef in the south.

Of course there will be more surprises.

The tour includes interesting stories, surprising places and a variety of foods. The tour requires traveling within the city for part of the time.

*The food may vary depending on the restaurants in the area.

* Tour time: about three to three and a half hours

*The training will be delivered by one of the excellent team of instructors of 'Culinary Story'

Come hungry and curious (:


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