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The tour was announced as one of the 4 special culinary tours in the country on the site


Culinary tour in Sderot
How did Sderot, a weakened development town, become a young, social, lively and kicking culinary powerhouse?
Why does it attract so many young people from all over the country? How did so many creators come out of such a small city in the periphery? What is the secret of her magic?
Sderot, a city that has lived in the shadow of the Qassams since 2001, has become one of the most social, young and vibrant cities in Israel
Come discover this fascinating city for yourself, taste a variety of creative and innovative foods and hear the surprising stories of the place


What's on the menu for the culinary tour in Sderot?

*We will eat in the courtyard of the singer and creator Haim Oliel's authentic horira soup of the Oliel family and find out how so many creators came from Sderot.

*We will eat in bowls, spoons and raise a glass with hand-made lemon wedges at 2 restaurateurs who do not advertise at all but insisted on opening there. Together we will find out why

*We will eat pizza at one of the 11 best pizzerias in the country and talk about the surprising night life of the city

*Taste candied crackers handmade by a cracker master who has lived in the city for 67 years and find out how they really keep the crackers fresh

*We ate traffic light hummus in a small restaurant that became an empire

*We will arrive at a particularly surprising village in the heart of Sderot that represents the Zionism of the 121st

*We'll feast on haute couture desserts by a pastry chef who made it to the finals of the 'The Perfect Dessert' competition on television and hear why she actually chose to open her cafe on Sderot

*The food may vary depending on the restaurants in the area. We guarantee you will leave satisfied.

(The culinary tour is satisfying and there is a full substitute for vegans, gluten-free and lactose-free)

*The food is kosher with kosher certificates

* Tour time is about two and a half to three hours

*The culinary tour in Sderot will be guided by one or one of the excellent team of guides of the 'Culinary Story' guides and the day before we will contact the tourers (:

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