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Culinary tour in Ashkelon

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Ashkelon, one of the oldest cities in the world, which has existed for over 4000 years, is the most sought-after city to live in in the State of Israel, but also the most bombed city in recent years.
In the 1950s, new immigrants arrived from the East and West and created a colorful social mix. Many of them opened restaurants, shops and stalls that still exist today and serve a variety of extremely delicious food. In this world-wide culinary tour we will travel and wherever we go we will taste delicious food that characterizes the place and hear fascinating stories that even the locals who live in Ashkelon are surprised to hear.

what is on the menu?

*נטעם  חצ'פורי אותנטי ונרים כוסית עם מיץ שמגיע היישר מגאורגיה

*We will eat Frixa at the place where the third generation has been preparing the same recipe for 42 years.

*נאכל צ'יפס ענק ייחודי עם ציפוי סודי במקום שקיים מעל 60 שנה

*נטעם אוכל אתיופי בחנות אתיופית עם סיפור מרגש ומפתיע במיוחד

*נקבל מתנה שתוכלו למצוא אותה רק באשקלון

*We will eat authentic Tripolitanian food at home like the grandmothers', which includes maprom, couscous and dreamy spinges. The owner of the restaurant appeared on the cover of Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper because the reporter who tasted it was so moved by the taste and decided that she had to have everyone come to taste his homemade food.

Get ready to fall in love!

#he food may vary depending on the restaurants in the area. We guarantee you will leave satisfied.

(The culinary tour is meaty and satisfying, but there is an alternative for vegetarians and vegans)

*The food is kosher with kosher certificates

*זמן הסיור כשעתיים וחצי

*את הסיור הקולינרי בשדרות ידריכו אחד או אחת מצוות המדריכים המצוינים של מדריכי 'סיפור קולינרי'




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